Thursday, December 18, 2008

The rush of time passing

So, how elated I felt after finally writing a new post for my blog, which had been languishing since March! hardly surprising I got carried away with the sensation of time rushing like a torrent under the proverbial bridge... The flow of my thoughts, which I hope may be of interest to some of my fellow-humans (hence the attempt to capture them in words and publish them in this way), continues to proceed with such exuberant speed that it is difficult to capture so much as a starting point. "Being in America" needed a bit of background: but I got trapped by the paradox: starting in the present by telling my life story in a nutshell! Not surprising, either, that I spent much of the night tossing and turning; not surprising either that now, the morning after, I'm not much closer to solving the difficulty. I don't want to start by writing my life story, though it's possible I do want to finish by telling quite a bit of it.

I'm a person with several homes: in Ireland, in upstate New York, in Pennsylvania, in London. I've taken a leave of absence from my home in Ireland, by renting out my home there to a friend for two years, so I am free to go wandering. The intention is to wander on foot; but I find myself spending the first of these years (I'm nearly six months into it now) going flyabout prior to going walkabout. And at the present moment I'm spending some weeks with my dear mother and father, both in their eighties, in the house I grew up in outside Philadelphia.

There! At least I got the context taken care of, in a fairly short paragraph. Now, of course, the momentum of my thoughts is pretty well stalled. Rather than force it, I'll see you later.

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